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Welcome! Please Read!!


Welcome to my graphics journal! I am known as lovergirl933 or Angie. This is the place where I will post all of my icons, banners, headers and anything other graphics I make. A couple things first before you go and look through my graphics:

1. Please read my rules. They are in my userinfo...here

2. Please look in my archives/memories for graphics that have already been posted.

3. If you take something, please comment and let me know what you are taking. Also, please credit me for icons and banners and such.

4. If you don't find what you are looking for and you would like to request it, please request it in the request post located.....here

Thanks for visiting. Add my journal to keep updated on everything!

<3 Angie
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Request post

Hi everybody!

This is the post where you guys can request icons, banners and other graphics. I don't have a whole lot of free time, but when I do, I'll make what you request. :] I only ask three things:

1. Tell me what you want (that's a given LOL),

2. Include any pics that you want your icon/banner to include,

3. Make sure to tell me what you want on your icon/banner (ie. border, special text, a specific color, etc...)

I'll take the requests at a first come, first serve basis. Once I make your request, please be sure to credit either lovergirl933 or missguided_icon.

Thanks in advance and request away! :]

<3 Angie